Wednesday, May, 29, 2024 01:15:16

The City of Toronto has reportedly announced a collaboration with PayIt, a premier SaaS supplier of digital payments and government services. The partnership is a significant step forward for the City of Toronto, its citizens, and for PayIt as it simplifies the government experience for locals and assist growth of the IT economy.

This alliance is a step forward in modernizing government and enhancing the customer experience for the residents served in multiple ways, said Toronto Mayor John Tory. Residents, visitors, and businesses in Toronto want a convenient, reliable, and connected interface with the City, and this new service offering will help them get it.

As a result of a partnership between PayIt and the City of Toronto, citizens, businesses, and tourists will be able to interact with the City of Toronto in a more sophisticated and convenient way.

The City will integrate several essential government services, such as paying utility bills, property taxes, and parking violations, into one convenient web and mobile application as part of the collaboration. In addition, in phase two of the project’s execution, court fines, permits, and licenses will be available for payment.

PayIt Founder and CEO, John Thomson claims that the City already has a lot of great IT talent, and the company is delighted to contribute to that pool. Their primary goal is to use the presence in Toronto to create additional high-skilled digital careers in the City and promote and grow tech talent.

He added that governments across North America are acknowledging the necessity for technological partners. Working with the City of Toronto, which has a history of innovation and forward-thinking administration, was an ideal match PayIt.

Sources cite that as the public sector continues to collaborate with private sector technology companies, PayIt plans to scale up all across the United States and Canada.

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