Friday, July, 19, 2024 08:39:04

California-based digital 3D manufacturing company – Carbon 3D has reportedly announced the addition of new partners to its extensive Carbon Production Network (CPN). Reports claim, the network is rapidly expanding and now includes over 20 U.S-based partners.

Reportedly, some of the new partners the manufacturing company added include Dependable Plastics, Bright Plastics, Diversified Plastics, Gallagher Plastics, Element Packaging, Nicolet Plastics, Resolution Medical and Prattville Machine & Tool.

According to a press release by Carbon 3D, with 3D manufacturing now becoming a reality, more and more production partners are embracing Carbon 3D’s next generation technologies to allow them to better cater to their customers. This is true especially for injection molders who have traditionally been dependent upon conventional molding processes to produce polymer parts, which is robust and reliable for high-volume production but is not ideal for smaller and more customized jobs.

The Head of Production Partnerships at Carbon 3D, Dana McCallum reportedly stated that a crucial part of Carbon 3D’s strategy is to empower injection molders and manufacturers with the range of benefits offered by digital fabrication. McCallum further added that by being a part of CPN the company’s partners can leverage a digital manufacturing platform that provides a faster process to produce top-quality parts with similar properties as urethane casting and injection molding.

For the record, the CPN is an elite ecosystem of the industry’s leading design companies and contract manufacturers who have adopted Carbon 3D’s technology and showcased their advanced abilities in design, machining, additive manufacturing, production, injection molding and urethane casting. Additionally, the CPN provides a true partnership model that keeps Certification, hands-on Advanced Training, Sales, Marketing and Production Engineering as a focal point to ensure the partner’s success.

According to reports, the financials related to the addition of new partners to the company’s Carbon Production Network have not been revealed to the public yet.