Wednesday, May, 29, 2024 02:10:25

Nano Dimension Ltd., a leading provider of additive electronics, has recently declared that TTM Technologies, a renowned printed circuit board manufacturer, has extended its association with Nano Dimension by buying two more DragonFly Pro systems, to accompany the existing solo unit at its facility.

Sources familiar with the development claim that with already 3 DragonFly Pro systems, TTM amplifies its additive manufacturing potential for printed electronics and establishes its foothold in the large enterprise client base belonging to the defense and aerospace industries, among others.

For the uninitiated, integrating a tremendously accurate inkjet deposition printer with optimized 3D software and dedicated nano-inks, the DragonFly Pro is transforming additive production for electronics development by allowing firms to take charge of their complete development cycle.

Amit Dror, Chief Executive Officer, Nano Dimension, was quoted stating that it has been more than a year since the company introduced DragonFly Pro. Dror added that the most substantial accomplishment is seeing how our clients are overcoming production and development challenges, increasing innovation, and enhancing workflows to attain faster time to market and improved performance by using our system.

Dror further mentioned that the amalgamation of our exceptional system and TTM’s proficiency in innovative design, manufacturing and development, allows them to offer services like none other, to attain market dominance in additive and traditional production processes.

Nano Dimension is excited to be joining forces with TTM, a firm that is nurturing the value of precision additive production of printed electronics, said Dror.

For the record, TTM offers both manufacturing and engineering support for advanced experimental applications which are pivotal for various end markets in which the clients of TTM operate.

The outlay in the newfangled DragonFly Pro systems will reportedly allow TTM’s engineering teams to make the most of the unique and the precision capabilities of the advanced three-dimensional printing technology, along with uniting conductive metal & polymer in a single print, cited authentic sources.

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