Friday, July, 19, 2024 08:02:17

The UK-headquartered SMS has reportedly announced to have invested in new equipment, technology, and projects to boost its competitiveness. As per trusted sources, the firm has identified opportunities across the nation and has invested in a ultra-high pressure (UHP) blasting unit.

Reportedly, the water blasting unit excels around large intakes and sensitive equipment where grit could get into moving parts which shuts down the turbine or a compressor. Sources privy to the matter claim that water blasting has emerged as the preferred procedure on projects where huge amounts of abrasives have to be accumulated and disposed of.

Reportedly, the latest investment backs a similar initiative within the hydraulics division of SMS where the firm has poured in massive funds in a transportable fishing rig.

Paint and Coatings Manager of SMS, Dave Foster was reportedly quoted stating that the UHP water blasting offers distinctive benefits over the conventional practices of surface preparation. The water blasting process creates no dust which makes it easier to contain and it further reduces environmental concerns. Moreover, there is a lesser amount of residual hazards to the operator or owner of the unit as the blasting units are not exposed to ailments such as silicosis and contaminants do not become airborne, Foster added.

For the record, residual chlorides in blasting unit are removed which leads to longer coating life and higher adhesion of the coating. Additionally, the blasted surfaces are cleaner than the ones utilizing conventional solid abrasive processes.

Foster further stated that the volume of waste is heavily lowered since lead would not mix with water which allows operators to filter contaminants and other lead paint chips. Moreover, the residual water would then be passed on to sewer treatment facilities after the filtration method.

Reportedly, the blasting unit can be seamlessly transported to any site of SMS across the UK or further afield as it is towable.