Friday, April, 12, 2024 10:50:20

Marken, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UPS (United Parcel Service), has made it to the front page for developing an automated closed loop packaging system. The innovative solution reportedly allows the transportation of clinical trial materials to any destination, at any temperature, with an automated & integrated packaging returns process.

Sources familiar with the development cite that the new service by Marken also allows important drug shipments involving expensive and reusable packaging, for returning to the origin to be reconditioned and repositioned in a more efficient manner. Marken has, as a matter of fact, partnered with some of the leading providers of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, in an effort to develop this service.

Marken’s closed loop service operates from the company’s Frankfurt, Philadelphia and Paris branches. The company is allegedly the sole provider of this automated service.

Wes Wheeler, the Chief Executive Officer, Marken, was reported to say that the new service will prove to be of major help to the company’s clients who would not need to depend on multiple companies henceforth to avail return packaging services. Wes further claimed that Marken is capable of managing the used packaging, reconditioning it and eventually re-positioning it at the least possible expense, saving the clients countless bucks.

Apparently, Marken’s packaging inventory is tracked between the origin and the destination and by means of UPS’s small package network, the packages will be returned to a central location where they can be reconditioned as well as repositioned in the best possible way.

UPS, for the record, is a multinational package delivery & supply chain management company, headquartered in Georgia, USA. In addition to its core package delivery business, the company has various other operations through its subsidiaries including UPS Airlines, the UPS Store and UPS Freight.

Currently, Marken is a leader in Direct-to-Patient & home healthcare services, and offers an advanced GMP-compliant depot network and holds logistic hubs in about 48 locations globally.