Sunday, June, 23, 2024 04:48:09

Dairy manufacturer Dendairy has made it to the headlines for apparently announcing that it is all set to commission three all-new packaging lines. If reports are to be believed, the commissioning of these lines comes as a part of the Kwekwe-based dairy producer’s current expansion program.

Apparently, the expansion program has come to the fore on the grounds of the firm doubling its output levels by the early part of 2019. Speaking on the new lines, Darryl Archibald, Director, Dendairy, was claimed to state that the firm has been adding the finishing touches to its machinery – for a couple of parts that need to be assembled, prior to commissioning. The equipment is already on its way to the site, Archibald says, however the assembling could not be complete within the stipulated time on account of some ongoing economic challenges, he added.

According to the Director, the delay of the commissioning notwithstanding, Dendairy is still hopeful about the new lines, and that the Government is liable to be acclaimed for having given its best to try and resolve the economic challenges. Elaborating on the same, Mr. Archibald stated that Dendairy is committed to planning to get the new lines operational as soon as possible, despite the slew of challenges faced every day.

Speaking on the further role of the government, Archibald said that the government must accelerate currency reforms in order to ensure faster economic recovery. The currency obstacle is the only challenge that needs to be sorted out, he affirms.

Dendairy seems to be taking advantage of its geographical location in order to forge partnerships with dairy farmers, claims Archibald. Elaborating on the same, he adds that the company, equipped with a location in Kwekwe in the Midlands, boasts of a geographical advantage, and has forged collaborations with locals dairy farmers, giving the firm an advantage over its rivals in Harare.

The location provides Dendairy access to clean water from the council and the firm also boasts of having had fairly reasonable deals with dairy farmers, affirmed Mr. Archibald.