Friday, April, 12, 2024 10:41:32

Energy behemoth Total has reportedly purchased Synova, a leading manufacturer of high-performance recycled polypropylene for the automobile sector. Bringing together Synova’s expertise in recycling and Total’s know-how about polymers would boost the supply of recycled polypropylene across automotive applications which offer similar performance as virgin polymers, claim reports.

For the uninitiated, Synova manufactures 20,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year from recycled plastics, which is at par with the highest quality standards of automakers and OEMs.

A press release by Total claims Bernard Pinatel, President of Refining & Chemicals at Total, to have been quoted stating that by supporting the lighter weight of automobiles, plastics bolster their energy efficiency while decreasing carbon-di-oxide emissions. Pinatel further stated that manufacturing them from recycled substances would encounter the challenge of managing plastic’s end of life.

Pinatel also said that acquiring Synova is a substantial proof of Total’s commitment towards developing plastic recycling. It strengthens the activities Total already carries out in recycling and supports its ambition to be an accountable energy major, Pinatel noted.

For the record, Total is one of the founding members of the renowned Alliance to End Plastic Waste, which has united approximately 30 companies across the consumer goods and plastics value chain. These companies have committed more than $1.0 Bn with an aim of investing $1.5 Bn over the coming five years to help eliminate environmental plastic waste pollution, especially across the oceans, cite trusted sources.

The alliance is reportedly working on all varieties of recycling, in a bid to develop high-performance recycled polymers. For instance, Total manufactures Circular Compounds, polyethylene and polypropylene containing at least 50 percent recycled materials and demonstrating similar properties as virgin polymers.

Total has also partnered with Saint-Gobain, Citeo, and Syndifrais for a project directed at the development of a polystyrene recycling system in France by the year 2020. The feasibility of a large-scale production will be authenticated at the company’s industrial locations in Feluy (Belgium) and Carling (France), cite trusted sources.