Sunday, June, 23, 2024 03:14:59

Leading industrial 3D printing supplier EOS and Etihad Airways Engineering have reportedly entered into a strategic partnership that would remarkably expand local capabilities for industrial 3D printing in the Middle East in the aviation sector. Through this collaboration, Etihad Airways Engineering would be able to manufacture aircraft parts at their facility in Abu Dhabi.

Apparently, the partnership’s initial phase, which will be using EOS system equipped with the EOS technology for additive manufacturing (AM), would include the qualification of machine, materials and process according to the aviation regulatory requirements.

Further from the reports, through the AM method, suitable cabin interior parts will be produced following a structured selection process. This AM process seemingly offers a substantial added value in terms of lightweight design, optimized repair, customization options and shorter lead times, mostly during aircraft modifications.

Bernhard Randerath, Etihad Airways Engineering’s Vice President of Design, Engineering and Innovation, mentioned that Etihad invests in new technologies constantly and has recognized additive manufacturing as a major technology for parts of aviation interiors. Randerath said that this technology is a major facilitator in context of design and innovation in this industry and the company is working towards a vision of a cabin interior printed using 3D-technology.

Senior Vice President Export Region for EOS, Markus Glasser, was quoted saying that Etihad provides leading aircraft maintenance and engineering solutions in the industry. EOS shares the same mindset as both companies are committed to constant technology innovation and delivering high quality solutions. Glasser added that the company wants to bring the production of aircraft interior parts to a new level.

Supposedly, Etihad Airways Engineering would certify the AM process and develop additive manufacturing capabilities further based on this technology after the initial steps have been completed. Etihad Airways Engineering, along with EOS, will also develop, test and qualify new polymer materials. Etihad aims to introduce AM among its customers and within its broader ecosystem over the long term.