Sunday, June, 23, 2024 03:25:09

Chevron Marine Lubricants, a global supplier of fuels and marine lubricants, has reportedly brought to light an innovative array of cylinder lubricants that are compatible with nearly all available sulphur cap 2020 compliance alternatives across the globe.

Apparently, as the shipping companies worldwide prepare for the onset of global sulphur cap in Jan 2020, ships are likely to function in a multiple-fuel scenario soon enough. Lubricants are indispensable to the lifespan and operational smoothness of a propulsion machine, nevertheless their optimum use largely relies on the content of sulphur in the fuel, report sources. An assorted marine fuel mix reportedly requires customizing lubricant options to fuel sulphur quantity that would guarantee compatibility with the fuels that are bunkered across a convoy.

According to sources familiar with the development, the Taro® Ultra lubricant range delivers protection and performance equivalent to Taro® engine lubricants, with the additional ability to be compatible with almost all engine types, abatement technologies, and maritime bunker fuels.

Reportedly, the vast array of Taro® Ultra products caters to the needs of several vessel owners – the Taro Ultra 25 product is highly compatible with fuels having low sulphur content, distillates, and various alternate fuels, while the Taro Ultra 140 works well in applications consuming high sulphur fuels that need scrubber emission abatement technology.

Taro® Ultra products are especially designed by Chevron with a view to support the smooth transition of the shipping industry to fuel sulphur restricted operations, after the 2020 worldwide sulphur cap enactment.

Chia Yoo Soon, GM, Chevron Marine Lubricants was quoted stating that the key driver behind the launch of Taro® Ultra range of products was the need to ensure product accessibility and flexibility in accordance with changing global landscape of Sulphur. This would allow customers to select options that precisely suit their exclusive business requirements, making certain that the right products are offered at the right places, Chia Yoo Soon added.

The new array of Taro® Ultra lubricants would reach customers in the year 2019.