Friday, April, 12, 2024 10:24:01

Paper cup convertors have the opportunity to tap into the business of plastic-free and sustainable food packaging

Xeikon has reportedly announced that it has collaborated with Kotkamills. As per trusted sources, the first demonstration of Kotkamills’ ISLA Duo paper cup stock being printed by dry toner technology of Xeikon 3500 will be displayed at Xeikon’s Cafe. Paper cup convertors have the opportunity to tap into the business of plastic-free and sustainable food packaging.

The cooperation between both the companies to test Xeikon’s dry toner technology on Kotkamills’ ISLA Duo paper cup stock, proves dry toner technology of Xeikon 3500 range suitable for printing Kotkamills cups. Kotkamills’ biodegradable, plastic-free, and recyclable ISLA board and Xeikon’s method of digital printing with dry toner technology, which is safe for food, together produces a paper cup with digital printing on it which fulfills the demand of consumers for ecological paper cups for drinks.

According to Xeikon, board production technology of Kotkamills and raw materials used in production of ISLA Duo produces cups with high stiffness, and smooth and pleasing tactility. Barrier properties needed by Kotkamills to produce paper cups can be achieved with water-based dispersion to make it a plastic-free alternative. This dispersion layer of ISLA Duo does not charge by static electricity like PE coated paper cups.

Sebastien Stabel, Market Segment Manager for carton packaging, Xeikon, reportedly noted that the test was a match between ISLA Duo board characteristics and innovative technology developed for food safe dry toner. They tested productivity, printability, and toner adhesion and results were consistent which creates alternative business opportunities for Xeikon, he further added.

The test validates that ISLA board is suitable for digital printing and offers a new opportunity to provide customized batches of easy to recycle plastic-free paper cups.

In February 2019, Kotkamills was nominated as one of the winners of the NextGen Cup Challenge, the global innovation initiative. NextGen Cup Challenge was launched by NextGen Consortium for advancement in commercialization, design and recovery of food packaging alternatives.