Sunday, June, 23, 2024 03:12:42

The Volkswagen Group is reported to be investing $10 million in Forge Nano Inc, a U.S. based battery material research start-up, as it looks to reinforce its specialist knowledge in the battery research field. Apparently, Volkswagen, as a partner, would be providing support for the technology’s industrial trials. This transaction is subject to approval by the authorities.

Further from the reports, Volkswagen has been in alliance with Forge Nano since 2014 on advanced battery material research. Forge Nano is exploring a material coating technology which would upgrade the performance of battery materials. Volkswagen has been lending its battery as well as automotive expertise towards the applied research efforts of Forge Nano.

Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, the startup is allegedly investigating processes to scale atomic layer deposition (ALD) for creating new core-shell materials, mainly for battery applications. Chemical process ALD is used to apply atomic scale coatings one atom at a time. Forge Nano, along with its specific ALD technology, wants to boost vehicle battery cells’ energy density.

Head of Volkswagen Group Research, Dr. Axel Heinrich, mentioned that the company wants to be the leading provider of e-mobility in the world. The company is continuously expanding its battery technology know-how needed for the purpose as Volkswagen needs to safeguard its technological competence for the future, he stated.

Dr. Heinrich further said that in these efforts, cooperation with start-ups is a crucial element. Volkswagen is acting as Forge Nano’s partner and intends to deliver opportunities to the team for carrying out industrial trials with its novel technology, he added.

Dr. Paul Lichty, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forge Nano, was quoted saying that the atomically precise surface engineering technology of the company is leading into the high performance materials era. He commented that Forge Nano has partnered with a company which has a strong commitment towards commercializing innovation.