Friday, July, 19, 2024 08:53:48

Versarien PLC (Versarien), a UK-based advanced engineering materials group has reportedly announced that it has launched a new range of graphene enhanced polymers called Polygrene.

According to a report by Web Financial Group, the latest Polygrene range was specifically developed for applications that require an increased mechanical performance in comparison to standard polymers while also allowing for a plethora of different improvements in the properties.

The company reportedly released a statement that affirmed its collaboration with its industrial partners to develop the innovative Polygrene range. Moreover, the partnership has also developed an assortment of polymer compounds as well as masterbatches that feature several different kinds of polymers. According to Versarien, the new range could be used in molding as well as 3D printing processes and industrial extrusion.

Reportedly, while the new Polygrene range has been developed for applications that require enhanced mechanical performance, it could also be utilized to improve electrical as well as thermal conductivity inside different applications requiring this.

The Chief Executive of Versarien, Neill Ricketts stated that the addition of graphene into polymers has been proved to facilitate a variety of different benefits while also allowing varied innovative products to be successfully developed. Ricketts further added that the company is conducting discussions with several potential customers for the new Polygrene. The company also looks forward to announcing particular applications where the innovative Polygrene range would be used in the future.

Reliable reports cite that on the 4th of December 2018, the day the announcement was made, Versarien’s shares jumped up by about 6.2% with shares trading at approximately 121.10 pence per share.

About Versarien PLC:

Versarien, founded back in 2010 uses proprietary materials technology to generate different innovative engineering solutions which are capable of significantly impacting a wide array of industry sectors. The company, ever since its establishment, has continued to develop processes as well as advanced materials to satisfy applications that are customer-specific while also growing its intellectual property portfolio through different acquisitions.