Wednesday, May, 29, 2024 02:24:56

The connected packaging platform is said to involve end-to-end traceability for improving production, supply chain transparency and quality control.

The Swiss multinational packaging solutions provider, Tetra Pak, has reportedly announced the launch of its new connected platform that will help the company transform its milk & juice cartons into digital packs. The latest launch comes along the heels of a series of pilot programs carried out by the company in the Dominican Republic, Spain, China, Russia and India.

Sources closely associated with the innovation cite that the project has been in the developmental phase at its facility in Lund, Sweden, for about two or three years. The company apparently, also collaborated with Microsoft Azure for its cloud services. Ivan Nesterenko, Vice President, Tetra Pak, said that the trial had been confined to specific regions on account of unequal market & technological readiness in each market, and also because the company’s phased approach.

Nesterenko was further quoted saying that the connected packaging platform of Tetra Pak is likely to offer ample communication and transparency between the consumer and the producer. Moreover, it will allow customers the access to digital product experiences, gain extra information on the product, and better align their purchasing decisions, he added, stating that direct interaction with producers will help people shape the future direction of their favorite or preferred brands.

According to authentic reports, the new connected platform can be scaled across the overall supply chain, with its application to each of the steps of the process, as well as sharing information with the producers, retailers and consumers. The interaction is expected to ease customization, along with a move towards the circular economy, given that the data is collected, compared and analyzed throughout the complete value chain of a product. Reports added that the connected platform – which is driven by digital printing, code generation and data management – is going to be of extensive use for food retailers and shoppers.