Friday, April, 12, 2024 09:38:04

Renowned food & beverage packaging company, LBP Manufacturing has reportedly acquired Dominion QSR, Dominion Packaging’s Quick-Service restaurant business.

As per credible sources, Dominion QSR’s acquisition is expected to widen LBP’s product portfolio that can deliver customers a full set of folding carton and solutions for corrugated packaging. Brett Hawkins, one of the Dominion founders will be joining LBP, which is owned by PPC Partners and Management in connection with the transaction.

Dominion QSR based in Richmond, Virginia, for the record, runs operations out of a 245,000 square feet manufacturing facility that manufactures fry cartons, pie cartons, meal boxes, and other products for popular quick-service restaurant brands. And LBP, located in Chicago is a leading global producer of sustainable and innovative food and beverage packaging.

Matt Cook, Chief Executive Officer of LBP said in a statement that Brett and his team made a market leader out of Dominion QSR in the folding carton segment. He further mentioned that the company’s culture in customer servicing and its dedication toward innovation are in line with LBP’s core values and the company is thrilled to have Dominion QSR as a part of its business.

Thomas Chadwick, VP of PPC partners was quoted saying that the acquisition will enable LBP to serve its customers in a better way by rounding out the firm’s diverse portfolio of folding cartons and corrugated packaging products. The company will keep up its enthusiasm in support of LBP as they begin to expand their value proposition to the customers, Chadwick added.

For the record, LLB manufacturing LLC., merges innovation with performance to develop packaging that is sustainable, consumer-preferred and on-the-go. The company embraces innovation in material science, converting technology and equipment to suffice the shifting demand in consumer packages for its customers. Moreover, the company is also renowned for its hot beverage solutions like the Coffee Clutch’s original hot cup sleeve and beverage on the move.

Financial terms pertaining to the transactions have not yet been disclosed.