Friday, July, 19, 2024 09:00:13

Henderson Drilling Inc, a leader in the sales and service of capital drilling equipment and drilling rigs, has recently acquired Houston’s HP Piping Solutions, renowned for specializing in high specification/high pressure fabrication. As per trusted sources, the acquisition comes in an effort by Henderson to increase its service capabilities within the thriving North American oil and gas market and to expand its market reach globally.

For the record, HP Piping Solutions offers its customers high-pressure mud piping, relief loops, mud gas separators, well control manifolds and other drilling-related services and products. The company is also supplies the petrochemical and refining industries with pressure vessel and spool pipe fabrication. In addition, the company’s Genesis Pressure Control Group is well recognized as a manufacturer of high-quality, dependable nitrogen backup systems, blowout preventer control units and reservoir filtration units.

Henderson, also based in Houston, is a full-service drilling equipment and rig provider to international and domestic contractors.

Sources familiar with the matter claim that the recent acquisition has granted Henderson all the assets as well as currently ongoing operations of HP Piping Solutions, including the company’s existing leases at its Pearland, Southwest Houston and Midland, Texas facilities.

Dan Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of Henderson said that the acquisition would allegedly satisfy an urgent requirement for additional rig service capacity in the growing oil and gas market of North America. HP Piping Solutions services platform is expected to enhance Henderson’s already impressive product portfolio of customer offerings, which comprises rig and equipment refurbishment as well as repair and upgrade services.

The addition of HP Piping Solutions’ superior product services will enable Henderson to better fulfill the needs of its well-established customer base in Houston and the Permian Basin region. Moreover, the firm is looking forward to attaining new business opportunities in its field while engaging with new markets and customers on a global scale, Henderson added.