Friday, July, 19, 2024 07:46:38

ExxonMobil has reportedly announced that its network of lubricant blending & packaging plants, has obtained the zero waste to landfill silver level validation from UL. This validation apparently, has made ExxonMobil the first company of petroleum products to receive UL’s validation.

For the record, the company’s lubricant operations have successfully diverted over 90 percent of the waste produced in its global plant network to local landfills. More than 50,000 tons of waste produced each year was being redeployed into new ways of productive uses that bring greater value to the environment and the economy. This achievement proved the company’s commitment to reducing hazardous environmental impacts and allowed commercial and retail consumers with more sustainable choices through the brand Mobil lubricants.

Terry Neal, Manager Global Lubricant Operations, ExxonMobil, was reportedly quoted stating that it was an important focus for ExxonMobil to reduce environmental impact and a core part of their commitment to operate responsibly everywhere they conduct business. Neal elaborated that achieving the zero waste to landfill at the silver level, from UL, was indeed an achievement towards their goal to protect the future and further demonstrated their commitment to provide high quality solutions to the consumers to meet their business objectives.

To achieve landfill silver validation, ExxonMobil apparently applied various techniques of waste diversion and strategies across its network of lubrication production. The company specifically identified 14 types of waste produced at these facilities, which could either be recycled, reused, or avoided.

For the uninitiated, back in 2012, ExxonMobil developed this waste management program and by 2015, implemented the same across the globe. The programs included using a device to safely drain aerosol cans that allowed the liquid and metal to be recycled in Port Allen, Louisiana, and in Serviburnu, Turkey, applying a distillation process to recover laboratory solvent.