Sunday, June, 23, 2024 04:59:47

The company’s European operations will be based on the same business model it has developed in the U.S.

Renowned packaging company, ePac Flexible Packaging has recently announced plans to expand its operations into Europe. According to sources, the company’s newly created ePac Holdings Europe will manage this expansion, with the first manufacturing site slated to be operational in the U.K. / Midlands by the second half of 2019.

Moreover, the European unit will be directed by Johnny Hobeika who has a vast experience in the flexible packaging sector in the U.K. and other European markets, and has developed and directed successful manufacturing, sales, and distribution centers.

As per a statement, Jack Knott, CEO, ePac Flexible Packaging, said that the company’s European operations will be based on the same business model it has developed in the U.S. over the past 3 years, where it has observed tremendous success.

Johnny Hobeika has been reported to say that the benefits ePac will offer brands will be game-changing while Multi-SKU orders can quickly be made in the same print process without printing plates and will lower waste.

Focused primarily on food manufacturers & co-packers, ePac serves many regionals, local and national brands of all sizes with a service model focused on delivery of finished pouches in less than 3 weeks, and rollstock in under 10 business days. The company also offers recyclable film option that comes in line with the EU movement toward sustainability.

For the uninitiated, digital printing is more ecological than traditional printing processes as waste and operation steps are eradicated and energy consumption is lowered. Additionally, brands have the ability to make demands owing to which less flexible packaging is stored in inventory and eventually discarded.

Citing present scenario, reports claim that ePac UK is currently open for sales, however, the company’s order fulfillments will be handled over to its U.S. locations until the plant is operational.