Wednesday, May, 29, 2024 01:10:01

Eastman Chemical Company, an American Fortune 500 specialty chemical firm, has reportedly announced that it has teamed up with DW Designs to develop and test beryllium models for in-ear monitor housings with different materials.

Reports cite, DW Designs, a specialty acoustics company, and Eastman Chemical showcased the findings of their collaboration at the Rocky Mountain International Audio Festival (CanJam) – an annual event that was held in Denver between 5th and 7th of October 2018.

According to a press release by the Eastman Chemical Company, the two companies demonstrated the audio clarity of the Eastman Trēva™ – a cellulose-based engineering bioplastic that offers reduced environmental impact while delivering high performance – and the Eastman Tritan™ – a copolyester that offers high performance properties such as clarity, ease of processing, durability, colorability, and chemical & heat resistance.

John Quigley, a Sr. application development engineer at Eastman stated that the company intended to ascertain the capabilities of polymers in enhancing the acoustic performance inside audio applications.

Dan Wiggins, a DW Designs consultant reportedly stated that Eastman’s polymers – through DW’s independent experimentation and testing – have demonstrated the capability in facilitating audible and measurable improvements inside many products that use plastics. Wiggins further added that properties such as durability, ease of moldability, affordability and extremely high energy dissipation make Trēva™ and Tritan™ the obvious choice for several consumer audio products.

According to reliable reports, the companies tested each polymer for both total harmonic distortion (THD) and cumulative spectral decay (CSD). Data from the tests reportedly indicated that copolyester consistently outperformed polycarbonate. Meanwhile, cellulosic reportedly offered superior results in terms of lower distortion and clean response.

Expert listeners reported that they could hear the fine details in audio better, in turn favoring the acoustic performances of Trēva and Tritan.