Friday, April, 12, 2024 11:09:32
  • The chemicals company has decided on increasing its Verbund site’s production capacity by approximately 20%
  • With the proposed boost, the company’s annual AEOA production capacity is set to cross 110,000 metric tons

BASF SE (BASF), a renowned German multinational chemicals company, has reportedly announced that it would be increasing the alkylethanolamines (AEOA) production capacity at its Verbund site located in Ludwigshafen, Germany by 20%.

Reports cite, following its start-up in year 2020, the company’s global annual nameplate AEOA production capacity, from its facilities in Geismar, Nanjing, Louisiana & Ludwigshafen, would be surpassing the 110,000 metric tons mark.

According to a report by ChemEurope, AEOA is a versatile substance that is primarily utilized as precursors for flocculants that are applied in water treatment as well as coatings industry, where they play the role of binders between resins & pigments. Some other applications of AEOA include fabric softeners, gas treatment, polyurethanes and lubricants in metal working fluids.

The President of Intermediates Division at BASF, Andrea Frenzel stated, as one of the largest suppliers of amines in the world, the company continues to address & support the rapidly growing consumer demands for alkylethanolamine products that are present in its portfolio by boosting its production capacity. Frenzel further added that AEOA demand is particularly high in in gas & water treatment industries.

The Senior Vice President of Intermediates Amines Europe at BASF, Frank Stein stated that the increased capacity at its Verbund site in Ludwigshafen would mainly be serving the company’s extensive customer base spread across Europe. Stein further added that the company boasts of extremely efficient manufacturing processes, and through this investment, BASF would provide its customers a higher level of reliability & flexibility of supply than it facilitated previously.

According to reports, the amount which the company would be investing, to boost its AEOA production capacity by 20%, has not been disclosed yet.