Friday, April, 12, 2024 10:00:21

Leading rigid plastic packaging provider Consolidated Container Company (CCC) has reportedly announced that its subsidiary – Reid Canada Inc., has acquired Humberline Packaging Inc. and Polybottle Group Ltd from world’s leading components and automotive systems manufacturer ABC Group.

With the acquisition, the company would be obtaining manufacturing facilities in Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto. The two firms – Humberline and Polybottle – are the leading plastic bottle manufacturers for automotive, industrial & specialty chemical, and food & beverage industries.

According to a press release published by Consolidated Container Company, the latest acquisition along with the acquisition of DeltaPac earlier this year, would be laying down a solid foundation for the company’s anticipated launch of Dura-Lite® range of packaging for industrial and food & beverage markets.

The President and CEO of CCC, Sean R. Fallmann stated that the company is thrilled to welcome Humberline and Polybottle employees into its family. Both companies, with their exceptional leadership teams, have built a strong reputation of consistently delivering excellent customer services and quality products. Fallmann further added that the acquisition is the next step in the company’s North America growth strategy where CCC intends to combine new innovative products with strategic asset acquisitions to better fulfil customer needs.

The latest acquisitions would be allowing the company to expand its operations in Canada and unveil the innovative Dura-Lite® bottles to new consumers, cite sources familiar with the matter.

For the record, the Dura-Lite® bottles are specifically designed to utilize 10% – 25% less plastic than the conventional bottle designs. However, the relatively less use of the plastic does not prevent the product from meeting or in some cases exceeding the crucial performance attributes offered by the traditional designs.

Furthermore, with the addition of the company’s food friendly recycled resin – EcoPrime® – CCC would be further reinforcing its brand’s sustainability factor.

According to reports, the financial information related to the Humberline and Polybottle acquisitions has not been released yet.