Friday, July, 19, 2024 07:59:49

ProShip Inc., a leading supply chain solution & logistics software company, has reportedly announced that along with the conventional capital purchase option it would also be offering new leasing opportunities for the CVP Automated Packaging Solution.

Reports cite, the CVP Automated Packaging Solution – an inline auto-boxer that constructs, measures, tapes, labels and weighs every package through a seamless process would be saving significant amounts of labor, materials and shipping costs for a number of industries, including the ones in retail, e-commerce, wholesale, third-party logistics (3PL) and manufacturing.

According to a press release by ProShip, the system is capable of creating a parcel that is custom-fit every seven seconds, only requires a single operator and can be seamlessly integrated into the company’s present order fulfilment processes. The proven technology is capable of creating extremely-effective packaging, optimizes all the parcel fulfilment steps and alleviates crucial challenges faced in shipping.

The Director of Automated Packaging Solutions at ProShip, Steve Brandt stated that the company’s fifth-generation automated packaging solution has proved to be an extremely valuable business solution for a plethora of companies. Brandt further added that the firm strives to develop new ways to provide its clients with a superior experience of automated packaging. These leasing options would be helping companies achieve a quicker return of investment that would be financially convenient.

The Vice President of Sales at ProShip, Jim Holden stated that the firm is thrilled to partner with its present and potential customers that require purchasing options that are more flexible. Holden further added that the boxing technology has consistently outperformed several of the company’s expectations and would be an investment with massive returns and help it to stay ahead of the competition.

Reportedly, ProShip pursued several leading leasing firms to develop the flexible leasing options after considering the feedback from the customers and the prospects. Every leasing option could be specifically crafted to the customers’ requirements to satisfy their financing needs, cite sources.